About Embody Balance Movement

Embody Balance Movement (EBM) is led by  Susan York. She is an aging baby boomer and has many years of experience as Registered Nurse. Recently she has working within the pharmaceutical industry, and believes strongly that individuals need to focus on disease prevention and proactive anti-aging methods through healthy eating, functional exercise, and general movement. It is her passion to be able to balance body and mind and to pass on those values to her clients.

EBM realizes that public and private gyms can be intimidating. Our number one priority is your comfortability, safety, and well-being. We want you to succeed and become a healthier, happier you. However, we are flexible (must be all that yoga!) and can tailor our program and suit your skill level and preferences.

Susan York

I have always been a follower of health and wellness. I have been blessed with talents for athletics and always have taken advantage of being active and healthy. I am a Registered Nurse with many years of experience in different healthcare areas, while at the same time, my passion was keeping in shape and staying healthy.

I earned my ACE personal trainer certification and am currently a Level Two Essentrics instructor, working on Level 3 certification for this program. I am passionate about helping clients be the best version of themselves through fitness, as well as balance through work and play.


I believe that we need to keep moving in order to stay mobile and be strong enough so that we can cope as we get older. Disease does not have to take over our lives! Prevention and movement is key.

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