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Happy New Year 2021

I trust everyone is healthy and haven’t been too “put out” by the Coronavirus. What a strange year and I am glad to see the back of it. Unfortunately we are still in lockdown and classes have been on hold. Please bear with me as I sort out some technical issues with the Zoom classes. […]

Update with Covid

September 2020 We are still in the midst of Covid and although I would like to go back to the studio, I think it’s too risky at this time. I am offering Zoom classes off and on. Stay tuned for updated schedule. Sorry for the delays!

Essentrics Zoom classes

I am offering Zoom Essentrics classes twice a week. It has worked well and I continue will continue to offer this. It’s great, your private class in your own home. If you are interested, please email me and I can send you the link. Classes are $5.00 per class. Etransfer works! For the US I […]


Wow, who knew that this would happen and now that it is May, here we are still in quarantine and isolating…. I hope everyone is doing well and is healthy and safe. I had to stop classes of course and wait patiently until we can get going again. In the meantime, I am learning new […]

Essentrics classes

Spring is coming! I have been remiss on posting! I am offering a Restorative Essentrics class at Driftwood Dance Academy on Monday’s at 1:00 pm. My regular Essentrics class for all ages and levels is on Wednesdays at 11:00 am. Drop in $10. Come and join the tribe!

Moving Forward

I have been teaching Essentrics at Driftwood Dance Academy and will now offer two classes per week starting in January. Please check their website. I am working on developing programs with a retreat model. Off to Hawaii to work on this. aboderetreats.com Stay tuned! All the best for the holiday season!

Classes in North Vancouver

Studio in North Vancouver I managed to finish up the required hours for my Level 1 Essentrics certification. The wait continues. In the meantime, I have secured a studio space in order to teach and will start on September 10! The classes will be held at Driftwood Dance Academy, 1819 Capilano Road in North Vancouver. […]

Essentrics- Aging Backwards

Essentrics is a full body workout which improves strength and range of motion without causing undue fatigue and muscle pain. Positions are not held for long periods of time, allowing for less stress on fragile knees, wrists and hips (unlike yoga). No weights are used. Strength is gained by adjusting the lengths of our levers, […]

Health is the New Wealth

Without our physical, mental and emotional well being, is money really that important? Life is too short (and too long at the same time) to skimp on healthy habits and to solely focus on the “grind” that revolves around our North American lifestyle: work. Eat your greens, aim to sweat once a day, spend time […]

The Start – Embody Balance Movement

I have been working for over 35 years in many shapes and forms, but mostly in the healthcare field. My big issues was always that I was dealing with sickness. Is this ‘Healthcare’? I believe it was ‘sick care ‘. We need to be proactive and not get sick! Where was the preventative medicine that […]