Without our physical, mental and emotional well being, is money really that important?

Life is too short (and too long at the same time) to skimp on healthy habits and to solely focus on the “grind” that revolves around our North American lifestyle: work. Eat your greens, aim to sweat once a day, spend time with family and friends, and get into meditation! The little things count and it’s critical to treat your physical and mental soul with the best things in life. That means taking the time to do the things that are “good for you”. Trust us – it’s sure worth it.

This article by Author of Your Own Story really resonated with me. Here’s a snippet:

Imagine that you just went out and invested in a million-dollar thoroughbred. A racehorse of supreme quality. Now when you take this horse home, are you going to go to the stable and feed this horse junk food? Are you going to push this horse beyond its breaking point causing injury, causing fatigue? Are you going to allow this thoroughbred to stay up late, are you going to keep it up really late and wake it up early in the morning so it gets sleep deprived? Are you going to treat this horse poorly? Of course, you’re not.

Now think of your own body/self. Are you worth more than a million dollars? Absolutely; in fact, you’re actually priceless and there’s no monetary value that you can place on yourself. So that being said, why do we (speaking in general to our Canadian population) take shortcuts with our health when we know that the consequences will come back to haunt us in some shape or form later down the road? Take charge of your habits and understand that it’s important to put yourself first. If you don’t, who will?

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