Studio in North Vancouver

I managed to finish up the required hours for my Level 1 Essentrics certification. The wait continues. In the meantime, I have secured a studio space in order to teach and will start on September 10!

The classes will be held at Driftwood Dance Academy, 1819 Capilano Road in North Vancouver.

More on Essentrics

Stay tuned for rates and updates!

Essentrics is a full body workout which improves strength and range of motion without causing undue fatigue and muscle pain. Positions are not held for long periods of time, allowing for less stress on fragile knees, wrists and hips (unlike yoga). No weights are used. Strength is gained by adjusting the lengths of our levers, (arms and legs) in various flowing movements that are fun, simple to master and challenging. It does have a “dance theme” to it! The workout focuses on posture improvement which also improves flexibility.

The Essentrics workout consist of 13-15 songs, each one focused on improving a different part of the body. In this way it is similar to Thai Chi. The sequences are designed by the founder, Miranda Esmonde-White, once a former professional ballerina with the National Ballet Company. There are currently 11 different pre-choreographed workouts that certified instructors can use to train their clients. The techniques contain two-directional stretching, lever length, eccentric contraction, overextension, movement within a stretch, rotation within a joint and pulling up and pulling out, along with imagined resistance to bypass the myotonic reflex. We then allow gravity to naturally strengthen the lengthened muscles surrounding each joint as we flow from one movement to another.

Essentrics will tone the body, slim your waist, improve your posture, relive chronic pain, and increase your energy. This allows active Agers to keep strong, flexible and injury free to continue to engage in the sports that they currently are active in.

As an Apprentice Instructor, I now have experience with teaching classes and become familiar with the sequences. I need further teachings in order to obtain my certification. I am offering Introductory classes at West Vancouver Oxygen Yoga on Bellevue Ave.

Please contact me for further information.

I have been working for over 35 years in many shapes and forms, but mostly in the healthcare field. My big issues was always that I was dealing with sickness. Is this ‘Healthcare’? I believe it was ‘sick care ‘. We need to be proactive and not get sick! Where was the preventative medicine that is so needed? The system is the way it is, but as a healthy, active person, I want to be proactive and help with staying healthy!

So, I looked and pondered on my journey. I realized that I love the feeling of being healthy and fit. So, what would my next “job” be? What not put it altogether and be that person who helps people be healthy, stay healthy, keep moving so that they can enjoy those ‘Golden years’. We don’t need to age and no longer be able to do the things we want to do!

This led to start my  journey on this road to no longer work for someone else, enjoy what I was doing while helping people which was in alignment with my nursing background. I am my own entity and working towards helping people stay healthy. Part of that is maintaining movement and being able to keep moving.

In my quest to fit into an area that is more targeted, I realized that as I get older, it is more difficult to do some of the things that the “younger people” are doing. I feel that there is a need for customized exercises that help the “aging adult” be the best they can be. This quest led me to Essentrics, “Aging Backwards”, a program developed by Miranda Esmonde-White. She has been on PBS for many years. In following her CD workout, I discovered that it wasn’t easy to follow! I looked into classes in Vancouver and there weren’t any available. Thus began my certification into becoming an Essentrics Instructor. I am working on it! Stay tuned.